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BD International BoundaryAdministrative Boundraies    
Administrative Boundraies Administrative Boundraies From top level of Division then District, Upazila (Thana) down to Union http://gisapps.net/GIS_Map_Admin.aspxAdministrative Boundary
Cadasral Block (Mouza) Boundraies Administrative Boundraies Sub-division of Union used for revenue collection, village boundray demarcation, agricultiral and irrigation monitoring purposes http://gisapps.net/Mauza.aspxMauza Maps
Agricultiral Block Boundraies Administrative Boundraies Sub-division of Union used for agricultiral extension activities and irrigation monitoring purposes   
Build Up Areas (Settlement Area)HABITATION   Settlement
Railway networks with station TRANSPORT Attributed with track guage type and station name http://gisapps.net/Railway.aspxRailway Stations and Track
Airport location TRANSPORT Attributed with airport name and type http://gisapps.net/Airport.aspxAirport
Road Networks TRANSPORT Attributed with road category, road surface type, road names and others http://gisapps.net/RoadNetwork.aspxRoad Network
Water transport port TRANSPORT Includes sea port and major river ports  BIWTA Terminal
River NetworkHYDROLOGY  http://gisapps.net/RiverNetwork.aspxRiver
Watercourses HYDROLOGY Inlcudes rivers hiererchy level and names   
Waterbody HYDROLOGY Inlcudes waterbody with pereniality and names http://gisapps.net/Waterbodies.aspxWaterbodies
Build Up Areas (City and Town boundraies) HABITATION Boundraies with names http://gisapps.net/Urban.aspxUrban
Village locations HABITATION Location with names   
Rural markets location HABITATION National transmission grid and major distribution networks   
Other place names HABITATION    
Power network UTILITY    
Location of power generating plants UTILITY    
Gas pipeline network UTILITY    
National Parks VEGETATION    
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